Marc Hopkins

Vice President of Strategic Relations

Groomed in the credit and collection industry since 1990, Marc quickly advanced into credit and collection management with a large Cable Television provider serving the Washington, DC area. During his 11 years, Marc managed all bad debt and boasted an industry low of less than two percent bad debt write-off nationwide.  Marc was instrumental in training the Cable Television industry that increased recovery, reduced write-offs and maintained subscriber base.

Southwestern Bell, (now AT&T), took note of Marc’s tenacity. Marc was hired to start up the credit and collection department for their subsidiary, OnePoint Communication, (now Verizon Avenue – a division of Verizon). From the ground up, Marc developed all policies and procedures, (including hiring and training), with the primary goal of maintaining an active and growing subscriber base.

A little-known fact…

During Marc’s tenure with OnePoint Communications, Marc decided to bring on a young payment processing company called E-Complish, (yes, us!). Working together, we developed one of the very first payment processing Interactive Voice Response (IVR), systems within Verizon. The IVR was obviously a great success!

Seeing first hand the successes of the E-Complish payment systems and its growth, Marc had a stroke of genius and joined us 15+ years ago  Marc is directly responsible for co-development of all of the E-Complish product and services we provide today. Marc manages the E-Complish sales team and development of strategic business relationships.

With Marc’s experience as a former client of E-Complish, he has been instrumental in generating millions in product development and client sales.